Straw-berries? Strawberries!

Is their name a coincidence? I can’t tell for the history of the word, but it is definitely true for my new strawberry-patch! A very dear friend contacted me and asked if I wanted 30 or so different kinds of strawberry plants. And who says no to such an offer? – not me!

So with the help of another dear friend, I prepared two beds, both 5×2 meters, then we layed out the black “mulching and anti-root” sheet and fixated it on the edges with soil. Usually, strawberries create offshoots around the mother-plant, where new independent plants will develop, which is usually a good thing. The sheet however keeps them from forming roots in the soil. This is necessary in my case, because I don’t want the different kinds of strawberries to mix.


The next step was to cut x-shaped holes in the spots where the strawberries should go, and then the planting could begin.


As a last step, it was necessary to cover the black sheet with straw so that firstly it won’t get too hot from the sun, and secondly so that the strawberries would have a moist and comfortable climate. This is how strawberries become straw-berries 🙂  

20140629_164655-small    20140630_163132-small