food for your thoughts

Climate change is a very talked about subject. What can we do? What should we stop doing? Many people have all kinds of lists as an answer to “stop” or rather slow down the process. But almost everyone thinks that humans can and have to do this alone, because we’re the most intelligent (and maybe also because we caused most of it). I want to share two videos that show in a simple way, that the intelligence of the brain might not be relevant in helping the cause, that it might even be counterproductive:

It might not be about what humans should invent or introduce to help the problem, but rather what they should stop doing so that animals and plants can do the job of restoring the balance…


Winter is coming…

or is it?

I do like the motto of the Stark family in the Game of Thrones books, and I do like winter, but the season have been in transformation for some time now. This year, winter seems to be especially undecided. At christmas it had +15°C, only a few days later it was below 0 and looked like this:


Only a week after that, it was sunny and warm again.


I read a while back in a book called “The Vanishing Face of Gaia” (by James Lovelock) that the climate change will result in extremes. I guess that means that not only are spring and fall cut short, but also during the seasons the temperature changes rapidly and unpredictably in any direction. No adaptation periods. I can only guess, but this can’t be good for neither plants, animals or any other living creature. Well, we’ll see what’s to come when it’s here… What did you notice about the weather and climate in your area?

New Love

I’m in love! When I first layed eyes on him about two weeks ago, it felt like time stood still and the only thing that mattered was this moment and him and me. I was walking with a friend and had to stop mid-sentence – my head was blank in awe. It was a perfect moment!

He’s quite a bit older, tall and perfect! I wanted to see him the next day, but my schedule didn’t allow it until yesterday. That wasn’t easy! I waited to mention that news here until I could show a picture as well. It will never do him justice, but I couldn’t not share the picture with everyone!


So, as you see, I’m in love with a tree :-). He’s a maple-foliated sycamore tree that must be a few hundred years. You would need at least three people to hug him. There is so much I still can learn from that tree and from all the others. My first lesson: patience 😉