Move your ass!

Even though I wrote before that I needed the toilet to be fully functioning for me to move in, the whole process of building my toilet overlapsed with moving in, since I just couldn’t wait any longer. So the big question was: What do you really need to live?

Well, “need” is defined a little different by each person at each point in time. But since I experienced that being too radical or fast in certain steps of a transformation can turn me off the path completely, I did “allow” myself to stretch the meaning of “need”.

For the moment I moved some clothes, some utensils for the kitchen, towels, and – what I found surprising – mostly books! I did get rid of some of them, and others are still in a box (marked: read at least once but can’t get rid of yet), but at least a third (if not more) of what I moved to my tiny house were books! I can’t (and won’t) say if that’s good or bad, but it was just surprising to me.

I don’t have everything in there yet that I might need at some point, but the first step to living in my tiny house is more or less completed. I didn’t really clean up or prettify it for the pictures (like a lot of tiny house pictures are), since I do actually live in there, but just to give you an idea of how it looks inside at the moment:

tiny house inside

20150106 223831-small

There is obviously a lot still to be done (fix the door-curtain, get a bathroom wall, get a more permanent sink, get a kitchen that looks more in order and more like a kitchen etc. but it’s a start! So what do you think?


the dream

A little more than two years ago – maybe even longer than that – I started to realize more and more that there was something “missing” in my life. Since then I embarked on a journey to find at least some of the missing pieces. And now I’ll tell you about one of them.

Among some other things, I started to downsize my life about a year ago. I got rid of a lot of junk that accumulated over the years, and still need to get rid of some more. Also a little more than two years ago I first got the idea of a tiny house on wheels. I had a picture of a wooden, modernized, self-sufficient gipsy waggon in my head – and still have. It looks a little like this one:


After the picture in my head had started to form, I looked for inspiration on the net and was and still am truly amazed by the many examples of people who had similar ideas and dreams and how they materialized them. Here’s only a short highlight of what I found:

Examples from the US:

Examples from Europe:

To put this list on here without much of an explanation feels kind of like fastfood and I’m sorry for that, but I will dedicate another more comprehensive post to tiny and mobile living. I’ll also feature some examples in separate entries as well, but right now I need to rush a little to get to my exciting news!!