Just a short update: I finally have power in my container! During transport some connections were busted, and it took me forever to have it fixed. But now, there is no stopping me! It’s no “green” power yet, but that’s no priority for me at the moment. Soon some more updates will follow on my internal design, so stay tuned 🙂


My rusty bucket

Additionally to my “big” and relatively new office container, I also additionally got an old construction trailer without axis or wheels. It’s only 4m x 2,2m (compared to the office container that’s the standard size of 6m x 2,5 m) and is only the aluminum shell with a makeshift floor and I’m not even sure if there aren’t any leaks in the roof. Also it is/was “a little” rusty in places. Here are some first impressions:


In her new place next to my living container:


Since especially for the roof it’s important that it’s leak-proof, that was the first thing I started working on. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the original state, but after I gave it a good few hours of sanding, cleaning and then applying a layer of anti-rust-varnish or whatever it was exactly, that’s how it looked:


The explanation on the bucket said that all parts that are still rusty, should turn black. But the whole roof turned into different shades of grey/black, so I’m not completely sure if I did it correctly. I was a little concerned if the actual paint was going to cover the black, but was pleasantly surprised. After only the first coat of paint, the roof of my not-so-rusty-anymore bucket looked like this:


All in all I’ll probably apply about 3 layers, just to make sure. And the walls will be next. I’ll probably give it a one-color conservative first coat and then maybe as a future step live out my more creative side. But that’ll have to wait until I’m a little further along with my living quarters 😉