Of mice and men

20140921 081502-small

For some time now, I wanted to have a certain type of small animal as a pet. But life somehow sometimes plays twisted jokes on you… Or me at least. The last few weeks (or maybe even more than that) a small family of mice joined my living quaters. However, not caged but free-roaming. Eating everything they can get their teeth on. In the beginning I thought it quite cute, even seeing one or two of them now and then. After some time they got less and less scared of me and almost got cocky in their appearances. The problem with the free-roaming kind is however, that firstly, it’s not that easy to control, what they eat. They just try out everything they find in that room… I’m okay with sharing to some degree… but today I saw that they also got into my stash of vegetable seeds for next year! Not very nice mice… Secondly, it’s not that easy to clean up their habitat, if you have to move all your furniture around. So you can guess that after some time, that room does not smell very powder-fresh. That makes it a little difficult for me to be very happy with my new pets.

So about a week ago I went on a hunting-spree (by accident), and was extremely lucky to catch some of them with a Tupperware container! One by one, they went into my “trap” by chance. It was a big box I kept some food for storage. Whenever I heard one of them roaming around in there, I started removing the stuff in the box one by one until all that was left in the big (and rather high) box was the mouse. Then it was almost easy to catch the cute creature and to set it free some way away from my home. That way I was able to catch 5 mice in one day!!

20140921 081350-small

Still at least one or two are left…

The twisted joke of the whole thing: the small animal I wanted to have as a pet was a guinneapig!


7 thoughts on “Of mice and men

  1. I can not believe that you were able to catch them like you did. I just found one this weekend in our kitchen. I screamed when it startled me in the night.
    We use steel wool and the branches of certain tree to stop up wholes they could be coming into the house from. We have been mouse free for 2 years. It is time to start doing it again.

    • I can’t believe it myself, and I was there 😉

      Great tipp with the steel wool and the branches! Might be a rather impossible quest to find all the holes in my case, but it’s worth a try! I definitely wish you the best of luck with yours!

      • The steel wool in the house is used because they will not chew through it. They do not like it on their teeth. We use juniper bushes branches in the basement. They do not like these bushes it wards them off. We live in an old house that originally did not have indoor plumbing.There are wholes where the pipes go through the house for water and heating. It is time to replace the bushes and steel wool.

        I woke up in the middle of the night and went into the kitchen a rather large mouse ran past me and under my sink cabinett. I was startled and screamed. My dogs came charging in barking and growling to attack what scared me. My husband flew out of the bed thinking I fell and hurt myself…Needless to say my husband was not pleased as he put it all that commotion for a little mouse.

        This time of year is when the mice come in to find a warm place to live for the winter. I might be a country girl but I am still a girl. I am no fan of sharing my home with mice. I hate when they jump out of a drawer when you are looking for something or run across my feet. The mice have been carring a virus the last couple of years that can give you a really bad flu that affects your lungs.We have health warnings to wear a mask and gloves when cleaning up mice’s excriment.

      • 🙂 I can completely relate to your reaction to the mouse. Especially when surprised. My reaction to all kinds of smaller creatures was a lot more rash only maybe a year or so ago, but gradually I am learning to accept their existence. I only dislike the smell of their excrements, that they try to eat almost anything (even ate part of a book-cover!) and I don’t like them too much when they wake me up too early in the morning…
        I also heard the stories about them carrying viruses and being dirty, but I’m not so sure how much is just fuelling fear and how much is actually a real risk to us humans.

      • I don’t know what the virus is called in English but it is true that they have periods where the population in an area are infected. It varies from season to season. We had an over population of them a couple of yearsago and it lasted a couple of years in a row. They mice were devastating a lot of property. That might be why the disease occured. Breathing in their excement while cleaning it up was how it was transmittted to people. It caused moderate to severe respitory problems were just some of symptoms.This year there have been no warnings on the news. I take the side of caution when I have to clean up after them none the less.

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