Every story has its beginning somewhere. But there is seldom one definite place and time. Since all our lives are intricately interwoven, there are no real beginnings, are there? So this first post of my new blog is also not a real beginning, but a natural result of everything and everyone that came before. A next step. One of my previous ones was to quit my job, uproot my life and take a timeout from society. I moved back home, and tried to find out what I really like to do, what excites me. My life’s purpose. By now, society has caught up with me – much sooner than I’d expected. But I’m still looking, wandering, watching the trees grow, even though they stand still. Like a little child, amazed by every new thing life has to offer. But in a way I feel like that is also part of my purpose…

Now I feel like it’s time for me to start sharing all the experiences I made and the ones yet to come. So join me and enjoy the ride – if you like.


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